İsmail Yüksek: “We had a good series”

Fenerbahçe's rising star İsmail Yüksek said "We will continue without losing"

Fenerbahçe's rising star İsmail Yüksek made a statement after game.

Yüksek said: “First of all, happy 100th anniversary of our Republic. We commemorate all our martyrs, especially the great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, with prayers and gratitude. Today, we took to the field with a beautiful jersey. We wore the jersey with great pride and honor. Special for today and We had to play like a worthy team. There were footballers fighting for Fenerbahçe on the field today. We are happy to take the leadership again. We had a good series. We are going match by match. Hopefully, we will continue without losing.”

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