Fenerbahçe dominated Pendikspor Columnist and Editor Onur Mutlu's Pendikspor match review.

Fenerbahce, which had an outstanding start to the season, managed to continue its extraordinary performance in the match against Pendikspor. The contest played in a stadium and on a field unworthy of the Super League was entirely dominated by Fenerbahce from start to finish.

Fenerbahce began the match with the expected lineup. In the early minutes of the game, due to an unexpected muscle injury suffered by Fred, the season’s standout transfer, he had to be replaced by Zajc. This alteration did not have any adverse impact on Ismail Kartal’s team. Fenerbahce asserted its dominance and ended the first half leading 2-0, with goals scored by Erdem Canpolat (an own goal) and Irfan Can Kahveci.

Ismail Kartal initiated the second half with a precautionary change, substituting Becao for Osterwoolde. Given their advantageous score, Fenerbahce chose to keep the game’s pace slow. It was during these minutes that Fenerbahce’s Bosnian star, Edin Dzeko, emerged. The Bosnian star, living up to his class, scored three goals, marking his first Hat-Trick since 2011 and playing the most significant role in the team’s victory with a 5-goal margin.

In today’s match, attention was drawn to the referees’ decision not to award a penalty for Ferdi Kadioglu’s position in the final minutes and the VAR’s lack of review on that position. The clear lack of review for an obvious penalty in the case of clear goals caused a reaction from Fenerbahce’s technical management and the fans.”

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