Diciplinary Board’s İsmail Kartal decision

PFDK announced that they did not penalize Fenerbahçe Coach İsmail Kartal for the statements he made after the Pendikspor match.

The Professional Football Disciplinary Board () decided that there was no need to impose a penalty on Fenerbahçe Coach İsmail Kartal, who was referred to the PFDK due to the statements he made after the Pendikspor – Fenerbahçe match played in the 10th week of the Super League. According to this decision, İsmail Kartal will be the head of the team in the Trabzonspor match.

Anouncement made by PFDK about İsmail Kartal

About technical manager İSMAİL KARTAL, SİLTAŞ YAPI PENDİKSPOR FUTBOL A.Ş.–FENERBAHÇE A.Ş., played on 29.10.2023. Although a referral was made to our Board due to their statements about the referees and other competition officials in the Trendyol Super League competition; Since the elements of the alleged disciplinary violation have not occurred, THERE IS NO ROLE FOR PUNISHMENT ASSIGNMENT,

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