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Fenerbahçe’s debt announced: €263 million euros

Fenerbahçe Club Supervisory Board Member Mehmet Vodina announced that the total debt of the yellow-dark blue club and its subsidiaries is 8 billion 276 million TL. (€263 million euroes)

It was announced that Fenerbahçe 's debt as of May 31 was 8 billion 276 million lira.

Speaking at the high council meeting at Fenerbahçe Faruk Ilgaz Facilities in Kalamış, Fenerbahçe Club Audit Board Member stated that the audit covers the period between January 1 and May 31, 2023.

Vodina stated that the short-term liabilities of the club are 3 billion 871 million liras and long-term liabilities are 4 billion 405, and announced the total debt of the club as 8 billion 276 million liras.

Vodina noted that the club's total assets are 2 billion 760 million lira.

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