Intensive work for 2 injured stars at Fenerbahçe

As the 19-in-19 series came to an end, Coach İsmail Kartal is trying to gather the team, and hard work is being spent on the two injured stars.

Fenerbahçe's unbeaten streak this season ended last night against Trabzonspor. The Yellow-Navy blue team, who started the tough match with an incredible statistic of 19 out of 19, was shocked against the Black Sea team in Kadıköy. Although Canary fell behind 3-0 in front of its fans in the 47th minute and fought for points until the last moment, the match ended 3-2 in favor of Trabzonspor. As morale deteriorated in Fenerbahçe, which suffered its first loss of the season, mobilization was also declared!

The real problem is in Europe

The Yellow-Navy blue team was without , Djiku, Becao, , King and Mert Hakan in the Trabzonspor match. However, the squad shortage will get worse against Ludogorets. The reason for this is that Mert Müldür and Samet Akaydın are not included in the list given to UEFA. İsmail Kartal will necessarily assign Crespo or İsmail Yüksek alongside Oosterwolde at centre-back. The other of these two will also play in midfield. The hut will have become much weaker.

Kartal explained

Of the two injured stars, Fred is expected to return to the field after the national break and Djiku after a month. Fenerbahçe felt the absence of injured players in the Trabzonspor match. Zajc in the midfield and Samet in the centre-back were very disappointing with their performance. After the match, İsmail Kartal made a surprising statement and said, “Fred and Djiku can make it in time for the Adana Demir match.” The health board has declared full mobilization for two stars.

Gets information every day

It was noted that both Fred and Djiku wanted to take risks and go on the field as soon as their pain subsided. However, in a worst-case scenario, it is likely that the duo will suffer more serious injuries. It was learned that İsmail Kartal received regular information from the medical team about his two students every day. 

It was noted that although the experienced coach wanted to play Fred and Djiku in the difficult Adana Demir away game, he would act according to the decision of the medical team.

‘Continue the fight without giving up'

In the absence of Serdar Aziz, Djiku and Becao, Samet Akaydın and Jayden Oosterwolde served as defenders. Among these two, Samet's original position was as a centre-back, but the national player made important mistakes against Trabzonspor and came to the side in the 73rd minute due to the great reaction of the fans. In his speech in the locker room after the match, İsmail Kartal gave moral support to Samet and said, “Accidents like this happen in football. It would be wrong to place the blame on one or two people. It was learned that he said, “Continue the fight without getting upset.”

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