Alexander Djiku: “Fenerbahçe’s project impressed me.”

Alexander Djiku, who was transferred from Strasbourg by Fenerbahçe in the summer transfer season, made statements. The Ghanaian player revealed his two favorite names.

Fenerbahçe's Ghanaian defender, , made statements. Speaking to RMC Sport from France, the experienced footballer revealed his two favorite names.

Transfer process

Describing the transfer process to Fenerbahçe, Djiku stated, “My transfer to Fenerbahçe was a well-considered and planned decision. I received other good offers, both from France and other teams in Europe, but the project presented by Fenerbahçe was very important for me.”

The Ghanaian footballer, speaking about the offers, stated, “I wanted to play again in European competitions. I had experienced this at Strasbourg. It was important for me. This option was not available with other teams that made offers.”

Alexander Djiku

Fenerbahçe's transfers

The 29-year-old footballer, talking about Fenerbahçe's transfers, said, “Fenerbahçe's project really impressed me. They made big transfers. They want to be champions again. They want to participate in the Champions League. Due to Turkey's position in the UEFA rankings, the second and third will go to the UEFA Europa Conference League. Next year, the top two teams will earn the right for the Champions League.”

Expressing his happiness about the decision he made, Djiku said, “As I said, we thought well. My manager, as well as my brother and my family, made this decision together. We are very happy today because of the decision we made.”

Alexander Djiku

His favorite players in Fenerbahçe

The successful defender, who expressed his admiration for Tadic and , said, ‘I will give two names for the players I like the most in Fenerbahçe. One is , he has an incredible foot. The other is Fred. He creates a significant difference both defensively and offensively with the ball. There are many quality players in the team and good competition. Edin Dzeko is also a great goalscorer.”

Dusan Tadic

Difference between Turkish League and French League

Speaking about the Süper Lig, Alexander Djiku said, “The Süper Lig is an evolving league; we saw the transfers made this summer. In terms of gameplay, it's different from France; there are far more opportunities here. Physically, I can say both leagues are at an equal level, but in France, the game is more structured and thought-based, whereas in Turkey, it's more free-flowing. For me, that's the biggest difference between the two leagues.”

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