Star players took control of the situation!

İsmail Kartal was not the only one who rolled up his sleeves in Samandıra after the Trabzon defeat. Dzeko, Tadic, İrfan and Ferdi are also holding meeting after meeting with their friends to reduce the effects of this defeat.

Star players make a great effort to meet one-on-one, especially with demoralized players, and increase their motivation. 

İsmail Kartal's biggest helpers in rallying the team psychologically were , , İrfan Can Kahveci and , the experienced and star names of the team. These football players try to erase the effects of the Trabzonspor defeat by meeting frequently with their friends. It was recorded that the 4 stars met privately with the 3 players who showed a mediocre performance in the 3-2 defeat and faced the reaction of the fans, and gave them moral support. 

‘Let's focus on new victories'

Experienced players also placed confidence in the names that will continue to play in the absence of the missing players. Tadic, Dzeko, İrfan and Ferdi made similar remarks to the speech made by İsmail Kartal and said, “Every football player who plays in this team is of high quality. We should all step onto the grass with self-confidence while wearing the Fenerbahçe jersey. We are the ones who won 19 matches in a row. A defeat cannot divert us from our goal. It was learned that they said, “No one should dwell on defeat, but focus on future victories.”

The stars stepped in 

After Fenerbahçe's defeat against Trabzonspor, star football players stepped in and had a private meeting with 3 players who showed poor performance in the derby. The Yellow-Navy Blue players held special meetings with Samet, who was whistled and left the game during the match, and Zajc and Oosterwolde, who received reactions during the match, in order to maximize the motivation of these 3 players. Star football players encouraged and supported these players by emphasizing that such things happen in football. 


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