Is it only injuries or team management too?? Columnist and editor Onur Mutlu has interpreted Fenerbahce's and team management's recent form..

has experienced a feared outcome with the negative results in the last two matches, putting an end to the fantastic start of the season. Is the only reason for this end of the winning streak injuries? Is there no fault on the part of the team management?

Fenerbahçe, which started the season with a storm, had the common concern of the fans: the team having a strong opponent and ending the 19-match winning streak. Except for the Twente match in the Conference League qualifiers, Fenerbahçe had a magnificent series of victories without facing any top-level team. The first serious opponent, Trabzonspor, was blamed entirely on personal mistakes when the team was trailing 3-0 at the beginning of the second half. However, last night against the Bulgarian team Ludogorets, there was a lack of enthusiasm and a static game. Despite the Bulgarian team completely leaving the control of the game to Fenerbahçe, we couldn't exert the necessary pressure and couldn't get the desired result.

's absence is strongly felt in the midfield. Unfortunately, Zajc cannot fill that area as well as expected. Considering the defensive deficiencies, Ismail cannot support attackers as he did in previous matches. Crespo is much weaker than he was last season. As a result, the ball gets stuck in the midfield. Unable to capitalize on the few opportunities by Batshuayi created after long periods of preparation passes against a well-established defense, Fenerbahce's defeat becomes inevitable.

The only positive aspect of last night was that Fenerbahçe won a young central defender. Yusuf, who is only 17 years old, gave hope for the future with his correct interventions and very low error percentage in passes. Hopefully, Coach Ismail will give him more opportunities in the upcoming matches.

A small note on : The Croatian goalkeeper, who was transferred with great expectations, has not yet demonstrated a performance that proves his worth. The previous goalkeeper Altay's inability to catch the first balls at the beginning of the matches and causing a decrease in team morale had the greatest impact on the search for a new goalkeeper. Livakovic, not being able to catch the first balls in the last two matches, affected the team's morale. We believe in his ability to regain form in the coming weeks.

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