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Referee Reaction from Fenerbahçe: “Is it a street fight or a football match?”

Fenerbahçe Club has released a statement regarding the incident with Jayden Oosterwolde in the match against Adana Demirspor. Expressing dissatisfaction with the 's decisions, Fenerbahçe used the phrase, “Is it a street fight or a football match?”

The statement from Fenerbahçe is as follows:

Street fight or football match

“Yesterday, in the 73rd minute of the match we played away against Adana Demirspor, we once again faced a strange referee decision following the move by the opposing player Rodrigues against our player Oosterwolde.

Considering the referee decisions in the matches we've played based on the incident from yesterday, isn't it normal for us to question the faulty interpretation?

Even if we were to somehow accept that the referee, the assistant referee, and even the fourth official couldn't see the position of the match,

How should we react to VAR not taking any steps to correct this decision?

Is there any institution or individual willing to take responsibility for the increasing and completely match-influencing wrong decisions in each game?

How much longer will this situation be normalized?

To gain a clearer understanding of the situation;

We present the comments on the position where everyone, biased or unbiased, speaking, writing, drawing, watching, and SEEING on behalf of Turkish football converges,

to the knowledge and attention of those who DON'T SEE.”

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