Fenerhahçe injury report!

With its ideal and complete lineup, Fenerbahçe, which stormed through like a hurricane, had a series of 19 consecutive victories. However, the winning streak came to an end when injuries occurred successively in both defense and midfield. Here is the current situation of the injured players.

Key players in defense, Becao, Djiku, and , the most important player in midfield, Fred, and the in-form , all suffered injuries one after another. With the addition of suspended players, Fenerbahçe started to experience point losses.

As Fenerbahçe fans wonder when the injured players will return, we have compiled the latest status of all injured players for you.

Fred Rodrigues

Fred Rodrigues

Brazilian midfielder , who was injured in the Pendikspor match, was diagnosed with a second-degree tear in the groin area. Fred started training last week, and it is expected that he will play in the Fatih Karagümrük match after the international break.

Rodrigo Becao

Rodrigo Becao

is a crucial part of Fenerbahçe's defense. The team's defense suffers when the Brazilian player is absent. Regarding Becao, the following statement was made after he was injured in the Pendikspor match:

“The tendon in the hamstring group (biceps femoris) ruptured.”

A few days ago, Fenerbahçe made the following statement about Becao:

“Our player Rodrigo Becão has undergone a successful operation in the city of Munich, Germany.”

No information was provided about who performed the surgery or why it was done in Germany. However, it brought to mind the period when Ousmane Dembele, who experienced the same in 2020, was sidelined for 6.5 months at Barcelona.

Alexander Djiku

Alexander Djiku

, who was injured in the UEFA Conference League Group H match against Ludogorets in Istanbul on October 26, was diagnosed with a non-displaced fracture in the fifth metatarsal bone of his right foot.

Djiku was expected to be out of action for 4-6 weeks. If Djiku plays in the Fatih Karagümrük match on November 26, he will return to the team after exactly one month on the sidelines.

Joshua King

Joshua King

About three weeks ago, on October 20, it was announced that Norwegian player Joshua King, who had complained of pain in his left back thigh, had a second-degree tear in the imaging.

A similar injury was experienced by Galatasaray's Sacha Boey, who returned to the field in 20 days. However, there is concern that if King returns early, as Boey did, he may be sidelined for a long time due to a similar injury.

Serdar Aziz

It was revealed that Serdar Aziz had a more severe injury than Rodrigo Becao.

Fenerbahçe fans questioned, “Couldn't he have avoided surgery?”

A tear in the inner ligaments of the left ankle was detected in Serdar Aziz, who underwent surgery in Germany. The initial information about the operation also came:

“I can say that the operation was optimal. With the intervention, the inner ligament, which had previously been damaged, has become completely suitable for function. After the correct rehabilitation period, the player will be ready to play.”

These statements were conveyed from Germany to Fenerbahçe's doctor Ertuğrul Karanlık, who did not participate in the operation.

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