Fenerbahçe’s target is Rade Krunic!

Fenerbahçe club will once again knock on Milan's door for Rade Krunic.

Failing to find the desired defensive midfielder at the beginning of the season, Fenerbahçe has initiated mid-season transfer efforts. The yellow and navy team will once again knock on Milan's door for .

While the name Salih Özcan stands out to strengthen the domestic rotation in the midfield, it is stated that Borussia Dortmund wants to keep the national player in their team.

Rade Krunic, one of the names given by Head Coach İsmail Kartal to the management at the beginning of the season, has become a priority for Fenerbahçe once again.

The coaching staff, not finding the performances of Miha Zajc and Miguel Crespo sufficient in the midfield, is showing a persistent attitude for Krunic.

Fenerbahçe management has resumed efforts to transfer the Bosnian midfielder who has a successful track record in the defensive midfielder position.

Played 12 matches this season

Rade Krunic has played in 12 matches this season, 10 of which were in the starting 11, wearing the Milan jersey. The 30-year-old player achieved a pass accuracy rate of 91% per game in the Italian Serie A.

Krunic also displayed an average of 4.6 successful ball recoveries per game in the matches he played.

The footballer, who renewed his contract with Milan last season, has an agreement with the Italian team until 2025.

Ali Koç: “We wanted him a lot, but couldn't get him.”

Fenerbahçe is preparing to make a new move for the star player that mentioned they couldn't acquire at the beginning of the season. Ali Koç had informed that Head Coach İsmail Kartal had a strong desire for the mentioned player.

Setting their goals for the mid-season transfer period, Fenerbahçe is once again taking action for the star they couldn't add to their squad before the season.

President Ali Koç had answered a question in early October during a program, “Was there a name you wanted a lot but couldn't get in the transfer period?”

Ali Koç replied with Rade Krunic and said:

“Ismail coach wanted him a lot. It was said that he wanted to leave Milan, and we talked. Milan did not allow it.”

Rade Krunic 2022-2023 season video highlights

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