Fred questions… Will the Brazilian play in the Karagümrük match?

It was expected that Fred, who has been away from the team for some time due to injury, would return to the field with the Karagümrük match!

, who was injured in the Pendikspor match, recovered through a carefully conducted treatment. The only issue with Fred, who is in a condition to play, is highlighted as the lack of match practice. Whether Fred will be on the field on Sunday will be decided jointly by Fred, the medical team, and the Head Coach İsmail Kartal.

The main target is the Sivasspor match

While there is a 50% chance as of now that Fred, a crucial part of the team's game plan, will play against Karagümrük, it is learned that the main goal is the match against Sivas.

Fred, who was injured in the early minutes of the Pendik match and diagnosed with a 2nd-degree tear in the groin area in the MRI, successfully overcame the through a meticulously conducted treatment day by day.

Not taken to Adana

Fred, who told Head Coach İsmail Kartal that he felt good and wanted to play against Adana Demirspor, was taken back and removed from the squad when he felt a slight pain in the final training session before departing for Adana.

After taking a 4-day break during the national break and conducting individual workouts with performance coaches, the 30-year-old player's condition was closely monitored with MRIs. Fred's return to the field is now a matter of time, prepared with zero risk.

Decision will be made on match day!

Sources close to Samandıra stated that the star player has completely recovered from his injury, but the only issue is the lack of team training and match practice, saying, “Whether Fred will play in the Karagümrük match will be decided by Fred, the medical team, and İsmail Kartal together. The possibility of him playing in the Karagümrük match is 50%, but this will be clarified closer to the match time. However, the main goal is to ensure that Fred is on the field in the Sivas match in good health and fully ready.”

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