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Former Fenerbahçe President Ali Şen called for the resignation of the President of the Central Referee Board!

43 individuals, including former President Ali Şen and other former executives from Fenerbahçe, have called for the resignation of MHK President Ahmet İbanoğlu.

43 individuals, including former President Ali Şen and other former executives from Fenerbahçe, have called for the resignation of the Central Referee Board (MHK) President Ahmet İbanoğlu.

Former Fenerbahçe executives, including President Ali Şen, have taken action against Ahmet İbanoğlu, the President of the Central Referee Board (MHK), who filed a criminal complaint against President Ali Koç. In a joint statement by 43 former executives, including Ali Şen, İbanoğlu is urged to resign.

“He has made it impossible for referees to make objective decisions!”

“The act of the person holding the position of MHK President, making an unprecedented criminal complaint against the President of Fenerbahçe Sports Club in history and openly announcing it, has completely made it impossible for referees, who have been sending messages through the ‘reward and punishment system’ for years regarding appointment and rest decisions, to make objective decisions in matches involving Fenerbahçe and its rival on the path to the championship!” The statement included the following expressions:

“He must resign immediately.”

“As of this moment, for the sake of not dragging Turkish football into historical chaos and for referees to be able to manage matches fairly and impartially, the President of MHK should not sit in that seat for even a minute; he must resign immediately from his duty!”

“Our conviction will be confirmed.”

“Otherwise; every day we are deprived of referees who maintain an equal distance to all clubs, and referees who blow a fair whistle against all teams, those who have been unable to harm Fenerbahçe through police officers, prosecutors, and judges affiliated with a terrorist organization, all of whom are in prison or on the run, will confirm our conviction that they are trying to achieve their goals ‘through referees.'”

Names with signatures in the statement: Ali Şen, Uğur Dündar, Vefa Küçük, Alper Pirşen, Barış Aydil, Burak Karabacak, Burhan Karaçam, Davut Dişli, Emre Can, Ercan Karasu, Ferruh Tanay, Hakan Bilal Kutlualp, Hulusi Belgü, Hüseyin Topbaş, İsfendiyar Zülfikari, Kenan Şişik, Metin Doğan, Metih Sipahioğlu, Metin Şen, Murat Aşık, Murat Özaydınlı, Nazlı Ercan, Necdet Ersoy, Neşet Yalçın, Orhan Demirel, Orhan Keçeli, Ozan Balaban, Ozan Korman  Tarman, Ömer Temelli, Raif Dinçkök, Sadettin Saran, Semih Özsoy, Serhat Çeçen, Sevil Becan, Şevket Yılmaz, Talat Yılmaz, Tuncay Uzun, Turhan Şahin, Uğur Pasiner, Ünal Uzun, Yavuz Kayral”

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