Fenerbahçe Targets 2 Stars in the Mid-Season Transfer: Negotiations Begin

Fenerbahçe, gearing up for the mid-season transfer window, is set to commence negotiations for two footballers.

The club plans to strengthen the defense with a center-back and add depth to the number 6 position, having identified both a domestic and a foreign candidate.

Especially after facing challenging weeks due to injuries in the center-back position, Fenerbahçe aims to make transfers in this area.

Another target for Fenerbahçe is the number 6 position.

Before the start of the new season, discussions were held with several players for the number 6 position, but the transfers did not materialize.

Additionally, it’s reported that Fenerbahçe has identified candidates for the center-back and defensive midfielder positions in the January transfer window.

According to Sabah’s news, Fenerbahçe’s top target for the center-back position is Çağlar Söyüncü.

Due to foreign player restrictions, Fenerbahçe aims to make a local addition to the center-back position and is looking to lease the national defender with a buyout option.

The report suggests that Fenerbahçe will initiate contact with Çağlar Söyüncü in December.

As for the number 6 position, Fenerbahçe’s target is once again Rade Krunić.

Despite negotiations during the summer transfer window, the deal was stalled due to Milan’s reluctance to release the player.

The report indicates that Krunić demands an annual salary of 2 million euros, and Fenerbahçe will try to negotiate Milan’s 10 million euro transfer fee demand.

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