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Fenerbahçe is requesting the disclosure of VAR records!

Fenerbahçe has issued a statement regarding the match against Vavacars Fatih Karagümrük, urging the disclosure of VAR records.

Fenerbahçe has issued a statement regarding the match against Vavacars Fatih Karagümrük, urging the disclosure of .

In the 13th week of the Trendyol Süper Lig, Fenerbahçe secured a 2-1 victory against Fatih Karagümrük at their home ground. The performance of referee Arda Kardeşler left a mark on the match.

Following the referee's management in the Fenerbahçe match, the Galatasaray management urgently convened. While the yellow and navy expressed that their eternal rival is trying to manipulate perception, they demanded the disclosure of VAR records. Fenerbahçe also stated that they would be willing to replay the match if Fatih Karagümrük club agrees.

Fenerbahçe's statement:

“We closely follow the agenda created regarding a situation in the match our Football Team played against VavaCars Fatih Karagümrük in the 13th week of the Süper Lig.

While we respect the comments of the sports public regarding critical situations in the match, we watched with a ‘smile' the position taken by Galatasaray Sports Club regarding our match yesterday.

It is well known to the public that, from the first week of the season, decisions have been consistently made against us in almost all critical moments and almost all gray areas.

This situation did not change in the 33rd minute of our match against VavaCars Fatih Karagümrük played last night, where our clear penalty position was evaluated as a free-kick.

While a clear penalty position was ignored for our team, the entire match's public agenda was brought up only through our opponent's justified penalty expectations. This is a new example of the perception work that has been going on for years.

Manipulating the perception that Fenerbahçe is favored, trying to manipulate all the overt damages given to our team for weeks, using the reflex of Galatasaray Sports Club's DNA, and trying to create perception with cunning will not be allowed.

The hypocrisy of the club that tries to set the agenda with manipulations in social media and media, which uses the word ‘Offsidish' that has become the sole word in Turkish football literature, is evident.

With all these facts in mind;

Despite not being a champion for nine ‘9' seasons, countless superstitions have been created about us, we have been detached from the race, public opinion has been formed against us in the past 9 seasons, and as Fenerbahçe Football Team and community; we clearly state that this season will not be like the seasons you have memorized.

We expect the penalty position in the 52nd minute, one of the positions in the last match played by our team, and if desired, the disclosure of VAR records for the entire match.

As the party that has been exposed to gross errors almost every week since the beginning of the season, including our opponents, we invite everyone who has the courage to disclose the VAR records of all controversial positions to support this call.

As Fenerbahçe Sports Club, we announce to the public that we are ready to play the match again that we played last night, provided that our opponent Vavacars Fatih Karagümrük Team also agrees.

We also present some data to the appreciation of the public.

• According to the data of the TRIO program on the beIN SPORTS, as of the 13th week, Fenerbahçe received 5 (five) referee decisions against and Galatasaray received 1 (one) in their favor. (Data prepared based on penalty, red card, and goal decisions.)

• In addition, the yellow card and red card data for the first 13 weeks of the league race are as follows.”

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