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Sports Writers’ Comments on Fenerbahçe

Famous Columnists have analyzed Fenerbahce performance against Vavacars Fatih Karagumruk.

Uğur Meleke (HÜRRİYET/SPOR ARENA): “Channels were closed”

“For , yesterday's absence of Samuel at right-back and the inefficiency of Irıfn-Tadic on both wings resulted in a first half where the channels seemed closed. With the beginning of the second half, the home team became more active, Irfan-Tadic revived, and Crespo started to appear upfront. A lively 15 minutes were enough to change the rhythm of the match. Fenerbahçe's issue in the last 4 matches, where they couldn't beat Trabzon, Ludogorets, and Adana Demir, was the absence of the Becao-Djiku-Fred trio, who, with their unfinished attacking returns, extraordinarily shortened the team's length and did not make their teammates run mostly backward. Ismail Kartal mentioned Djiku and Fred's return before the match. Their return will undoubtedly positively impact the attacking continuity and the quality of play.”

Ömer Üründül (SABAH): “Dzeko is physically declining”

“The match was won, but it sent messages that must be carefully considered for the future. I have been emphasizing this for a long time, and I want to get Ismail Kartal's attention. You should not say, ‘Let me use talented foreigners sparingly.' You won't rest them in European competitions after easy matches. And you must definitely make them do conditioning training. This was seen last night as well. Dzeko declined physically as the match progressed. If a player of this age loses his physical strength, it is impossible to recover. Tadic is in the same situation. Fred's performance is also a question mark. I just wanted to draw attention to it for the last time!”

Serdar Ali Çelikler (HABERTÜRK): “We can't see the coach's touch”

“Tadic – Dzeko – Sebastian need the form they had at the beginning of the season, especially Tadic, who has been out of form for weeks. Basically, there is no alternative. The third element, individual talent, developed like this in the Karagümrük match: Sebastian's free-kick hit the post. A few minutes later, Can Keleş took advantage of Liva's late exit, dribbled past him, shot at the goal, and it became a goal through Ferdi's legs. In other words, luck turned. The suggestion of the ‘best squad in history' is nonsense because Tadic should not play, but who can play? King? Maybe. Kent? He couldn't capitalize on the opportunity. Cengiz still hasn't arrived. In this regard, we can only criticize Kartal for not using Batshuayi effectively. Or, from the opposite perspective, we can say, ‘He lost Kent, Bartuğ, and Cengiz.' I am in the first suggestion. Hope is not Fener's player with this image. Then what should be done? The answer to the problem is to find a new method, produce midfield players who can score other than Sebastian, not waste breaks, produce set pieces, not constantly substitute İrfan with Cengiz, use Bats and Dzeko together… We can't see the coach's touch; let's admit it.”

Erman Özgür (FANATİK): “Acquired for these days”

“Fenerbahçe's forward line started finding spaces it couldn't find in the first half. With Tadic's goal in Szymanski's assist, Fenerbahçe completely overcame its anxiety. I thought when special players like Batshuayi and Cengiz Ünder, whom I expected to contribute after a long time on the bench, came in, both the game and the score would change, but it didn't happen. Karagümrük managed to stay in the game. However, Fenerbahçe did not allow any surprises and maintained its leadership. The reality is that the advantage of starting the season early with a high tempo is gone, and it's time for the leading players to step in. Tonight's leading player was Tadic, acquired for these days.”

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