Braga Eyes on Fenerbahçe’s Miguel Crespo!!

Fenerbahçe's Portuguese midfielder, Miguel Crespo, has caught the attention of the Portuguese team Braga.

, which attracted attention with its transfers at the beginning of the season, aims to continue its moves in the mid-season transfer window. The Yellow-Navy club, which put the number 6 transfer on hold in the summer months, is expected to reconsider this reinforcement in January and also address the shortage of a central defender.

Expected parting of ways with Crespo

Fenerbahçe, which will exceed the number of foreign players announced by the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) with the possible foreign players to be added to the squad in the winter transfer period, plans to send away some of its current players. , who is no longer on the field as much as before, is among the players considered for departure.

Braga interested in Crespo

According to news in Sabah, the Braga team from Portugal is interested in the experienced midfielder Miguel Crespo. Braga will take action for Crespo during the transfer period.

Fenerbahçe acquired Crespo for 1.5 million Euros

Miguel Crespo, who was transferred from the Portuguese representative Estoril Praia to Fenerbahçe for a fee of 1.5 million Euros in 2021, played in 73 matches for the Yellow-Navy team. Crespo, who found the net 5 times, also provided 7 assists to his teammates.

1 goal and 1 assist in 11 matches this season

Crespo, who played in 11 official matches under İsmail Kartal this season, celebrated one goal. The 27-year-old midfielder also recorded 1 assist. Crespo received a yellow card in 4 matches.

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