Rıdvan Dilmen’s Harsh Criticism for İsmail Kartal!

Former Fenerbahçe player and commentator Rıdvan Dilmen heavily criticized Fenerbahçe's head coach İsmail Kartal after the match against Nordsjaelland.

assessed the match in which Fenerbahçe suffered a 6-1 defeat against Nordsjaelland. Dilmen criticized İsmail Kartal based on the moves he made during the game.

The renowned commentator Rıdvan Dilmen spoke about Fenerbahçe's 6-1 defeat against Nordsjaelland in the UEFA Europa Conference League.

Dilmen, criticizing İsmail Kartal, stated that Fenerbahçe needs to make radical decisions.

Speaking to Sports Digitale, Rıdvan Dilmen criticized İsmail Kartal based on the moves he made during the match.

Drawing an example from Galatasaray and mentioning their efforts to come back even after conceding three goals, Dilmen criticized İsmail Kartal by saying, “You don't even switch to two forwards.”

Rıdvan Dilmen, criticizing İsmail Kartal's moves, said, “Are you waiting to concede 25 goals? Forwards are coming in, forwards are going out.”

The famous commentator, expressing his discomfort with Fenerbahçe possibly losing by a significant margin and not showing any reaction, used the words, “It's like they chartered a plane and went.”

Pointing out the indifferent behavior of Fenerbahçe players, Rıdvan Dilmen said, “You concede 6 goals and don't even get a yellow card.”

Saying, “The match was over in the 10th minute,” Dilmen reminded of Livakovic's saving 3-4 chances and stated, “Livakovic must have played a match he will never forget in his life. He must have thought, ‘Where have I come?'”

Addressing the Fenerbahçe management, the famous commentator stated, “A player who doesn't play with emotions has no place in Fenerbahçe.”

Finally, Rıdvan Dilmen once again addressed the executives, saying, “Fenerbahçe must make very radical decisions; no one has the right to bring Fenerbahçe to this situation.”

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