What did sports writers say about the Nordsjaelland-Fenerbahçe match?

UEFA Europa Conference League match where Fenerbahçe suffered a 6-1 defeat against Nordsjaelland drew strong reactions from sports writers. Here are some of their comments:

UEFA Europa Conference League match where Fenerbahçe suffered a 6-1 defeat against Nordsjaelland drew strong reactions from . Here are some of their comments:

: “Nightmare for Turkish football” | Last night at Fenerbahçe, when İsmail played in defense, both the ideal defensive duo (Becao-Djiku) and the ideal central duo (İsmail-Fred) changed. In the last 5 official matches, it was seen that Fenerbahçe cannot build the defense forward, cannot shorten the team's length, and cannot maintain attacking continuity without these players. Winning matches becomes dependent on individual performances rather than game dominance. Fenerbahçe fell apart in every aspect last night. (Hürriyet newspaper)

Faik Çetiner: “Shameful score” | The Danish team gave Fenerbahçe a 90-minute football lesson. İsmail Kartal should pray for his key players to return to the team as soon as possible. Otherwise, big goals are not pursued with the players given a chance in the starting lineup yesterday. Without forgetting, we couldn't see the so-called leader player Tadic in the game. When there is no defense, Livakovic cannot save you either (he conceded faulty goals). The score was shameful for Fenerbahçe. This wound won't heal quickly… (Fanatik newspaper)

Nordsjaelland - Fenerbahçe

: “Disappointment” | Nordsjaelland had possession of the ball in Kadıköy and paid the price with 3 goals due to intense one-on-one pressure. Fenerbahçe last night was poisoned by having possession of the ball. This ball possession was like a false spring. Under normal circumstances, Fenerbahçe players, who have a game plan based on intense pressing on the opponent, helped the Danish representative carry the ball for 80-90 meters by avoiding contact. You can play poorly, you can lose, but Fenerbahçe players played outside their game identity yesterday and caused disappointment. (Fanatik newspaper)

: “Everything is wrong” | The defense may come as “We will win the last match, we will advance from the group.” Then who will write the “six goals” on which side of the scoreboard? İsmail Kartal must either explain why those who come off the bench are so bad, indifferent, out of form, or emotionless, or find a solution. A coach who is so distant from his squad, who cannot calculate his expectations, is not acceptable. The result; the actors of this scoreboard will clean up after themselves. Let them look in the mirror and turn to their essence. Fenerbahçe fans wrapped them all in cotton… If they interpret this special attention as “immunity,” they will misunderstand it… (Sabah newspaper)

İsmail Kartal

Ömer Üründül: “Bad streak reaches its peak!” | Fenerbahçe experienced a historic defeat with a very poor performance in Denmark last night. The chance of advancing from the group is no longer in their hands. The downward trend that started with the Trabzonspor match has now reached its peak. In the match against Nordsjaelland, I could only see a bit of Fenerbahçe in a 10-minute period between 35-45 in the first half. Otherwise, it was a complete disaster scenario. Can you imagine conceding 6 goals from a young, inexperienced team, and Livakovic saving 4 of them? It's a significant indicator to tell everything. Batshuayi and Kent, who sit on the bench in the Super League, have mentally finished this job. Batshuayi scored a nice goal, but other than that, he didn't make any positive moves. Szymanski is trying to manage the situation, though not as powerful as in Feyenoord. Tadic played by walking again. Now, about Dzeko. If İsmail Kartal continues to rest Dzeko, he will quickly close the contact. Fenerbahçe has 3 defeats, 1 draw, and 1 win in its last 5 matches, 5 goals scored, three of them from penalties! (Sabah newspaper)

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