Nordsjaelland’s Turkish Analyst Solved Fenerbahçe

It has been claimed that the architect behind Nordsjaelland's remarkable victory, where Fenerbahçe suffered a heavy 6-1 defeat in the UEFA Europa Conference League Group H, was the Turkish analyst, 38-year-old Gürkan Araç.

According to Milliyet's News, Gürkan Araç, an IT expert born in Denmark, meticulously analyzed all the matches played by , both away and at home, providing detailed insights to all Nordsjaelland players and the coaching staff.

After the match, Gürkan Araç, who played a significant role in the triumph, was reportedly carried on shoulders in the locker room and applauded for minutes.

Turkish Analyst Found the Glitch

Araç explained his analysis, stating, “Fenerbahçe had three elements to exploit their opponent: first-class attacks, quick physical defenses, and the midfield trio capable of creating the game.”

He added, “To prevent these, we played an extra forward and defensive player. We knew that we could cause significant problems for them in their alternative defenses due to injuries, and we also prevented their forwards from changing positions by using an extra defensive player.”

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