Frederico Rodrigues de Paula Santos Columnist and editor Onur Mutlu has interpreted the match against to Sivasspor...

Since the departure of Fenerbahce legend Alex De Souza, the team had been in search of a leader and a playmaker. The signing of Fred in the final days of the transfer window at the beginning of the season excited the fans, but it also raised the question in their minds: Could he be the brain of this team? Fred, who had an impressive contract at Manchester United, sparked curiosity about whether he could deliver the same performance at Fenerbahce.

Fenerbahce started the season like a storm, and Fred met the fans in the match against Samsunspor. Fenerbahce won the next 14 matches with Fred without conceding a defeat. Unfortunately, Fred suffered an injury in the Pendikspor match, keeping him away from the field for five games. During this period, Fenerbahce could only manage to reach a single victory along with three losses, a draw.

The unexpected impact of this injury was not only that Fenerbahce couldn’t benefit from Fred but also that the performance of many players on the field dropped in Fred’s absence. The surprise goal scorer of the team, Szymanski, was among those affected. Irfan Can, Tadic, and even Ferdi displayed performances below expectations during Fred’s injury period. This injury revealed that Fred was a much more crucial player for Fenerbahce than initially thought.

Fresh from his injury against Sivasspor, Fred delivered a football spectacle, especially in the first half. With almost the entire team following Fred’s lead, the result was a decisive victory as expected.

Second Derby Of the Season

As Fenerbahce regains its missing players in the defensive line, it seems to be returning to its early-season form, reigniting the excitement among the fans. This week, Fenerbahce will face its second derby of the season. A victory away against Besiktas, motivated with its new management, would not only boost Fenerbahce’s championship aspirations but also restore maximum confidence among the supporters.

The biggest concern in this match is undoubtedly the referee team on the field and in front of the screens. Since the beginning of the season, there is no doubt among the fans that the same absurdities and mistakes will be repeated in this match. Fenerbahce is strong enough to defeat both Besiktas and the referees, and we sincerely believe that we will leave the field with a victory on Saturday.

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