Dusan Tadic: “There haven’t been as many injuries in other teams.”

Fenerbahçe's Serbian star Dusan Tadic answered questions from the press before the Beşiktaş derby. The experienced player also touched upon the injuries within the team in his statements, and his comments about the derby were quite noteworthy.

's Serbian star Dusan answered questions from the press before the derby. The experienced player also touched upon the injuries within the team in his statements, and his comments about the derby were quite noteworthy. Tadic's response to the question about the possibility of transferring to Beşiktaş at the beginning of the season sparked much discussion.

With 12 wins, 1 loss, and 1 draw in the past 14 weeks, Fenerbahçe aims to leave the Beşiktaş derby with a victory, turning a crucial corner in the pursuit of the championship. Beşiktaş, with its new management, aims to secure a victory against Fenerbahçe and start an upward trend.

Fenerbahçe's star player, , answered questions from the press ahead of this challenging derby.

Here are Tadic's statements:

“We had good momentum during the 19-match streak; we played good football. Our form was increasing. Then, in the same position, many of our players got injured. This, in a way, lowered our playing level. We are not people to make excuses. It's also true that when key players get injured in any team, there can be disruptions in showcasing your rhythm.”

‘No injuries in other teams'

“Beşiktaş also has problems. Both we and Beşiktaş are the teams most affected by injuries; other teams don't have as many injuries. Of course, they will try to do their best on the field, just like us… Both teams will want to win. It will be a beautiful, interesting match. A very important match for us.”

Dusan Tadic

‘We will do our best'

“We achieved a good victory in the last match. We are preparing for the Beşiktaş match. We are analyzing Beşiktaş. Both playing and watching will be enjoyable for me. We will do our best.”

‘I've played in many derbies'

“I have played many big matches and derby matches in my career. It brings extra motivation. A friend of mine once said, ‘Your eye color changes in derbies; you get very motivated.' Indeed, you need to make a lot of effort in such matches. Because the importance of these matches is not only for the club but also for those who support you. You must give your best during the time you are on the field. Matches other than derbies are also important, and you need to be motivated, but you get even more motivated in big matches.”

‘The important thing is victory'

“In my opinion, good, quality players should be able to play in different positions and know how to do what the position requires. I play on the left wing, but I can also play as a number 10, on the right wing, and as a false striker. The most important thing is to meet the team's needs. The most important thing for the team is victory, and we should contribute in that direction.”

Dusan Tadic

‘You will never see me tired'

“You will never see me tired. I work a lot to be fit, to be in good form, to not get tired on the field. In fact, fatigue starts in the mind. This point is important for me. Some players may say they are tired, which is normal, but in my opinion, fatigue is in the mind. If you create it in your mind, you will feel tired. People are strong beings and should push their limits. You should constantly push yourself, always. Whether you are successful and tired depends on that. We also have responsibilities to our family, coach, teammates, and our club. You should not leave them alone. You must constantly make them feel your presence. We must be aware of our responsibilities. To cope with this, you need to work well.”

‘I played against Beşiktaş twice'

“When I played for Ajax in the 2020/21 season, we played against Beşiktaş twice and won both matches. It was a great experience. We are used to playing in atmospheres like these. These are normal and motivate us. That's why we play football. The intensity of the atmosphere, the electricity, and the fans are beautiful. These are the things that should be in football.”

Detail about the Beşiktaş during the transfer process to Fenerbahçe

“Before I transferred to Fenerbahçe, I had many offers. There were probably 40-50 clubs. When talking to my manager, we expected there to be offers, but we didn't expect this many. I don't know what happened in the negotiations with Beşiktaş, but my decision was Fenerbahçe. The project was very big. Our president, coach, management, director, and fans were great. I don't know why the Beşiktaş management is criticized. It wouldn't be right to talk about it. I know why I came to Fenerbahçe.”

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