In Beşiktaş-Fenerbahçe Derbies, Cards are Flying in the Air

Fenerbahçe will be playing with Besiktas in the 15th week of the Super League. The abundance of yellow and red cards in the recent matches of the two arch-rivals is noteworthy.

In the last 28 matches played between the two teams, referees showed a total of 18 red and 172 yellow cards.

6 red, 84 yellow cards for Fenerbahçe

was penalized 90 times with cards in the last 28 derbies played with .

In these matches, the yellow-and-navy players received 6 red and 84 yellow cards.

Beşiktaş is more “aggressive”

In the last 28 derbies in the rivalry, Beşiktaş displayed a more “aggressive” image compared to Fenerbahçe.

Black and white players were shown a total of 100 cards, including 12 red and 88 yellow cards in these matches.

43 cards in the last 6 derbies

In the last 6 matches played between the two teams, players were penalized with 2 red and 41 yellow cards.

In the Super League 2020-2021 season, in the first derby between the two teams, Beşiktaş defeated Fenerbahçe 4-3 away, and referee Tugay Kaan Numanoğlu resorted to 1 red and 8 yellow cards.

In the same season, in the derby played at Vodafone Park, the teams drew 1-1, and referee showed 7 yellow cards.

In the match where the opponents drew 2-2 in the first half of the 2021-2022 season, referee Fırat Aydınus used 7 yellow cards. The match between the teams in the second half of that season ended in a 1-1 draw, and referee Arda Kardeşler applied 9 yellow cards.

In the first half of last season's match, both teams received 2 yellow cards each. The rematch of the same season became a memorable encounter for a long time. In that derby, after Fenerbahçe took a 1-0 lead, Beşiktaş was reduced to 10 men, and Fenerbahçe won a penalty. The yellow-and-navy team failed to take advantage of the penalty, while the black-and-white team came from 10 men behind to defeat their opponent 4-2 away. In that match, in addition to 1 for Beşiktaş, 3 yellow cards were shown to both teams.

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