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Football commentator Rıdvan Dilmen: “A historic away victory”

Renowned commentator and former Fenerbahçe player Rıdvan Dilmen discussed the Beşiktaş - Fenerbahçe derby on the "%100 Futbol" program broadcasted on TV8.5.

Renowned commentator and former player discussed the – Fenerbahçe derby on the “%100 Futbol” program broadcasted on TV8.5.

Commenting on Fenerbahçe's 3-1 victory over Beşiktaş away, Dilmen made remarks on the “%100” program on TV8.5, stating, “I've never seen +29 goal difference in the 15th week, including seasons with only 2 points. It's unbelievable.”

“A historic away victory”

Dilmen described Fenerbahçe's triumph over Beşiktaş as “historic” and mentioned, “This match will be a historic away victory for the derby.”

“Livakovic had his easiest game”

The former national football player expressed that it was the easiest game for Fenerbahçe goalkeeper Dominik Livakovic, saying, “It was Livakovic's easiest game since he arrived. He didn't go down except for the penalty.”

“Fenerbahçe played a fantastic game for 107 minutes”

Discussing the derby played for a total of 107 minutes, including extra time, the 61-year-old commentator stated, “Beşiktaş played in Fenerbahçe's half only in the 70th and 71st minutes. Fenerbahçe played a fantastic game for 107 minutes.”

“Unfair competition started there”

Commenting on Beşiktaş starting with 5 local players in the first eleven, Dilmen said, “Beşiktaş started with 5 local players. Unfair competition started there. The locals are definitely weaker than those in Fenerbahçe.”

“Fenerbahçe is ruthless when entering the penalty area”

Expressing his admiration for Fenerbahçe's game and stating that substitutes also supported the team, the famous figure said, “Fenerbahçe is ruthless when entering the penalty area. İsmail gave the final pass to Szymanski, and İsmail came in as a substitute. The substitutes wanted to support Fenerbahçe today.”

“They dominated the opponent's penalty area”

Rıdvan Dilmen said that Osayi and Ferdi dominated Beşiktaş's half, stating, “Osayi and Ferdi dominated the opponent's penalty area.”

“The coach had great confidence in Crespo”

Declaring that Fenerbahçe's Miguel Crespo, who started alongside Fred, had a terrific game, the 61-year-old former national player commented, “I really liked Crespo. I loved Crespo in this match. The coach had great confidence in Crespo.”

“Rıza Çalımbay's only big mistake…”

Stating that Beşiktaş's coach Rıza Çalımbay made a mistake by bringing Tayfur Bingöl into the game at the beginning of the second half after Umut Meraş's injury, Dilmen said he should have played Zaynutdinov. The famous commentator said, “Rıza coach's only big mistake was putting Tayfur at left-back.”

“The classic saying ‘Derbies are unpredictable'”

Predicting Fenerbahçe's victory over Beşiktaş, the former football player said, “The saying ‘Derbies are unpredictable' is a classic. But it becomes clear in this derby.”

“In my opinion, the best away performance of the season”

Praising Fenerbahçe's performance against Beşiktaş, Dilmen stated, “In my opinion, Fenerbahçe showed the best away performance of the season.”

“Rıza Çalımbay should have brought in Zaynutdinov”

The commentator, expressing that Rıza Çalımbay should have played Zaynutdinov after Umut Meraş's injury, said, “After Umut's exit, Rıza Çalımbay should definitely have brought in Zaynutdinov.”

“Searching for the third goal is a valuable thing”

Highlighting the importance of Fenerbahçe not sitting back after taking a 2-1 lead and searching for the third goal, the famous figure said, “In the derby, going for the third goal after leading 2-1 is a valuable thing.”

“In the league history, probably no one has it”

Emphasizing Fenerbahçe's +29 goal difference after the 3-1 victory against Beşiktaş, Rıdvan Dilmen said that such a thing has probably never happened in the first 15 weeks of the league, stating, “+29 goal difference is probably not present in anyone's record in the first 15 weeks of the league history.”

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