It Was More Like a Preparation Match Than a Derby.. Columnist and editor Onur Mutlu has interpreted the match against Besiktas and the unfortunate incident at Ankargucu - Caykur Rizespor match..

Derby matches are always filled with great excitement, and the results are unpredictable. Unfortunately, this general cliché did not apply to the Besiktas – Fenerbahce derby played last weekend. The difference in squad quality between the two teams, combined with the injuries in Besiktas, made this match feel more like a preparation game than a derby.

There's no need to discuss the match's chances, the starting elevens the coaches put on the field, or the in-game changes. The only thing that can be talked about regarding this match, sadly, is once again the referees.

We have become accustomed to accepting referee errors as normal. The justification for the authority responsible for ensuring justice making mistakes is attributed to being human, the expectation that they will never improve, their blatant misuse of power, and all of this being supported by the institution they belong to.

After the Besiktas – Fenerbahce match, in the BEIN Sports Trio program, it was revealed that out of the 21 incorrect decisions made by the match referee, 18 were against Fenerbahce. This level of performance cannot be accepted as normal. Such a blatant performance can only be intentional and deliberate. Atilla Karaoglan, who washed his hands of the entire match, allowing the plays to continue and taking no responsibility, must immediately hang up his whistle and quit this profession. For the development of , refereeing must be entrusted to a team that is impartial, independent, and works to achieve true justice.

One of the Darkest Nights in Turkish Football

After the Ankaragucu – Caykur Rizespor match on the night of December 11, we strongly condemn the events that occurred as the Fenerbahcefootball family. We believe that football should be a unifying factor for people and hope that those acting to the contrary will receive the necessary punishments. We wish a speedy recovery to FIFA-badge referee .

However, we do not believe that the isolated incident only arose from the events within this particular match. We fear a recurrence of such undesirable events without cleaning up the gangs, lobbies, and betting connections within Turkish football. While it saddens us that one of the darkest nights in Turkish football history has occurred, we hope that it will be considered as an opportunity for necessary regulations and the opening of a new chapter.

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