Ismail Kartal: “We want to reach the final and even win the cup”

Fenerbahçe's coach İsmail Kartal, in a press conference after the match played at Ülker Stadium, expressed satisfaction with their performance, stating they had prepared well for the game.

stated “We dominated the game from start to finish. We knew that winning the match would secure our advancement from the group, but we aimed to finish as group leaders. We prepared very well for the match. Although we had some reasons for not winning our last two away games in Europe, we played a beautiful game from start to finish in this match. We successfully finished as group leaders, and I congratulate my players.

Our goal is to bring a European trophy to Turkey. Currently, we have reached the Round of 16. Our aim is to go all the way to the final and even win the cup, but only time will tell if we can achieve that. Players like Tadic are top-class, and occasional missed penalties are a part of the game. In this match and the next, Tadic will continue to take penalties as long as he wants to.

We are working well both in Turkey and Europe, and we continue to develop on our positive style of play with additional improvements. Skipping matches in February and playing our first European game in the first week of March will provide relief for our team. Criticism is always present, but it should be fair. When we lost matches, we were lacking key players, and we won't use that as an excuse.

We are very pleased with Ferdi's development, and it's crucial for the team to support Umut Nayir. Our team will continue on this positive path, and we hope to maintain this performance.”

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