Dusan Tadic: “We want to win the Conference Cup”

After the match Dusan Tadic shared his thoughts on the victory.

Assessing the victory against Spartak Trnava, Tadic stated, “I can definitely say that we put up a good performance. Of course, we could have done a bit better, but overall, I can say that we displayed a good game and showed a good performance. We completed this match with a strong victory. Frankly, after the Nordsjælland match, we needed to apologize to our fans for the game we would play and the victory we would achieve, and I believe we were able to accomplish that. Because that was crucial before this match. We are happy that we achieved it. We finished the group in the first place. It was important in that regard, and we won today. Similarly, we want to continue on our way.”

Emphasizing that every player playing at always aims to win trophies, said, “I think we are experienced. We have played many European matches. And as you mentioned, Dzeko and I are experienced players, but there are really experienced and qualified players within the team. We are trying to set an example for our teammates in the same way. We are trying to be an example in every way. If you are at Fenerbahçe, you always want to win, you always want to win the cup. You want to be the first in every tournament you play. This is the mentality of the club, our mentality. What the club wants and expects from us. So, our goal, our desire is, of course, to advance here until the end and to be the first. We will do everything in our power to win the cup, to get the Conference League cup.”

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