Ferdi Kadıoğlu: “Sometimes even I surprise myself”

After the match Ferdi Kadıoğlu shared his thoughts on the victory.

Expressing his happiness for the team finishing at the top of the group, said, “We achieved a fantastic victory. I am very happy for both the goal I scored and the victory we secured. I think the team displayed a fantastic performance today. Finishing first in the group is also a good thing for us. We talked about this before the match. We mentioned the possibility of finishing first if we score a lot of goals. And it happened that way. We are very happy to advance to the next round. We are moving towards our goals.”

Speaking about his performance, the national football player said, “Sometimes, even I surprise myself. In the 90th minute, I still find the energy to go forward. Sometimes my teammates tell me, ‘Okay, calm down, we are in the last minute.' But in the last minutes, when all players are tired, that's when you might find the opportunity to make an extra assist. I take good care of myself. But not just me, the club really has the best facilities for regeneration. Our health team, masseurs, prepare us in the best way. I can say it's something we achieve together.”

Ferdi Kadıoğlu evaluated the team's European adventure as follows: “We are ; we play for trophies. I hope we reach the final to win the cup.”

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