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Fenerbahçe and Beşiktaş will apply for 2010-2011 Turkish Super Cup!

Fenerbahçe President Ali Koç paid a visit to the newly elected Beşiktaş president Hasan Arat, extending his congratulations.

While some executives also attended the meeting at Tüpraş Stadium, it was learned that the black and white management warmly welcomed their guests with a full team.

After the meeting at Tüpraş Stadium, Fenerbahçe Club President and Club President made statements. The two presidents announced that they would apply for the 2011 match.

Fenerbahçe Club President Ali Koç and board members visited the newly elected Beşiktaş Club President Hasan Arat and the board members on December 3 at the extraordinary general assembly.

Following the visit at Tüpraş Stadium, Hasan Arat and Ali Koç made statements to the press.

Application for the 2010-2011 Super Cup

Hasan Arat, expressing that they will apply to the federation for the Super Cup match that was not played between Fenerbahçe and Beşiktaş in the 2010-2011 season, stated, “We are pleased to welcome Fenerbahçe Club President Ali Koç and board members, our eternal friends and rivals, here today. We visited our newly elected board as an old friend. We exchanged ideas. One of the most important results today is that we proposed to apply together for the Super Cup final. I welcomed Mr. Ali Koç, an old friend, to his ancestral home. We presented him with a beautiful document registered in the records of our club's oldest member, Mr. Rahmi Koç, as a souvenir. We expressed that this visit will be reciprocated by us at Fenerbahçe Club later on. We discussed current issues and the state of football. It was a very important meeting. I hope these meetings will set an example for Turkish football and all communities. It is important for this atmosphere of peace and goodwill to resonate in the Turkish sports community. Today is an important day. Increasing these relationships in this way with all clubs will be beneficial. I thank Mr. Ali Koç and the board members.”

Hasan Arat - Ali Koç

“Beşiktaş's door is open to everyone”

Hasan Arat, stating that their doors are open to all clubs and that they will do their best to maintain a climate of peace, said, “Beşiktaş's door is open to everyone. Everyone is our friend. These are great institutions. The visits of these institutions are very meaningful. It is a serious message to Turkey. I think Ali Bey, along with Suleyman Agabey, came to visit us in 1998 when we were elected together. We also visited them. These things should happen; we should come together. Many issues need to be discussed, common problems need to be debated. There will be competition on the field in every way. It is very beneficial for this climate to spread throughout Turkey. Young people look up to us, our athletes. We will continue to compete sportsmanship on the field. We should not avoid discussing our common problems at the same table. This is one of Turkey's most important institutions. The institution represented by Mr. Ali Koç is one of Turkey's most important institutions. Institutions that founded Turkey, participated in the national struggle. So let's embrace it with all our might, let's be pioneers in continuing this climate of peace. ”

Ali Koç: “This match needs to be planned and implemented as soon as possible”

Ali Koç, thanking Hasan Arat for his hospitality during the meeting, also stated that many topics were discussed.

Expressing that they discussed common problems, troubles, and issues related to Turkish football during the lengthy meeting, Koç said, “I came here with my colleagues from the board to visit Mr. Hasan Bey's board and wish them good luck. In our long meeting, we discussed our common problems, troubles, and the issues of Turkish football. We talked about where we can support each other, where we can form a united front. Ultimately, when we look at the DNA, history, relations with the people, dedication to the Republic, and commitment to Atatürk values ​​of these two clubs, especially in matters related to the homeland, we are talking about two very parallel valued clubs. Therefore, our main goal here is a fierce competition on the field, constructive competition off the field. Our problems and troubles are always the same. Financial issues are the same. We talked about how we can grow our economy by acting together in many matters. One of our most important issues is the Super Cup match left from 2011. The federation should have organized this without us applying for it. We agreed with the previous president Ahmet Nur Çebi. But we did not see enough movement in the federation. We will make a joint application. Of course, the schedule is very tight. The nearest time seems to be before the start of the next season, as if. Of course, the decision on this will be made by the TFF, the authority of football. But this match needs to be planned and implemented as soon as possible. I thank the president and the board very much for the warm, sincere, friendly, and hospitable reception here. Hopefully, this visit will be the beginning of many visits we will make. Turkish football needs this. Goodness is contagious. Competition on the field, constructive competition off the field.”

Hasan Arat - Ali Koç

Regarding a question about whether the resignation of Turkish Football Federation President Mehmet Büyükekşi was on the agenda during the meeting, Ali Koç said:

“It definitely did not come up. It was a question that had nothing to do with this meeting.”

They presented Rahmi Koç's membership form to Ali Koç as a gift.

Ali Koç said that Beşiktaş President Hasan Arat presented him with the framed version of Rahmi Koç's membership form, stating, “We did not come empty-handed. The two clubs gave each other the 100th-anniversary jerseys. We gave him a beautiful portrait or photograph of our founder. I hope the president hangs it in his office. They also gave me the framed version of Rahmi Koç's membership form, which we will not find anywhere else. Perhaps Mr. Rahmi will ask me for it, but I will not give it.”

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