Zorbay The “Little” Man Columnist and editor Onur Mutlu has interpreted the match against Kayserispor and the upcoming derby against Galatasaray.

After the Kayserispor match, it became clear that football in Turkey is now under the control of a certain group. In an environment where individual mistakes during the match are now considered normal and scandalous decisions at the end of the match override the outcome, talking about fairness and justice is now just a waste of time.

Despite the well-known decisions of the match referee in previous Fenerbahce matches and his attitude towards players, his assignment to such an important match raised questions in people’s minds. At the end of the match, all the questions were answered. The reason for the straight red card given to Fred is still not completely clear even twenty-four hours after the end of the match. The fact that such a suspicious decision came before a derby match that may determine the fate of the league is also very significant.

Mert Hakan Yandas – Hopefully THE END..!!

A player we haven’t been able to appreciate in the Fenerbahce jersey since the day he transferred. Some players are extremely talented but face personality issues, you somehow manage them because they contribute on the field. Some players have limited talents but make a difference with their personalities, leading the team off the field. Mert Hakan has neither the talent nor the leadership personality. He is a player who does not suit Fenerbahce at all, and he himself confirmed this after yesterday’s match. We hope his relationship with the club is terminated as soon as possible.


The tail of the bull will be cut off this weekend in Kadikoy. Two teams that have lost only 5 points in 16 matches will compete for leadership on the field. On one side, Fenerbahce, who, despite referee mistakes against them, has not lost faith and concentration, dealing with injuries on top of referee mistakes. On the other side, Galatasaray, who has not received a red card in the last 41 league matches and has only conceded 1 penalty in the last 51 league matches.

The referee for the match was not announced at the time of writing this article. Whoever is appointed, we all know that a fair administration will not be achieved. Fenerbahce will need to defeat both their opponent and the referee, just as they have been doing since the beginning of the season.

The support of the fans from the start to the end of the match, regardless of the score, is crucial. Our history is filled with matches won with the support of the 12th man.

Ismail Kartal needs to motivate the team well for this match. If Fenerbahce takes the field with fear of their opponent, it will be tough for us. We must come out mentally stronger than them, and that’s the job of the head coach.

May luck be on our side, may the shot Fenerbahce attempt are all goals..

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