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Sports Writers’ Comments on Fenerbahçe – Kayserispor match

Famous Columnists have analyzed Fenerbahce performance against Mondihome Kayserispor

Uğur Meleke (HÜRRİYET/SPOR ARENA): “The Men Above the Super League”

“Yellow-blues defeated Beşiktaş and Trnava with a significant difference in the quality of play, not the players. However, the superiority they established against Kayseri yesterday was primarily due to the difference in player quality. Especially with Fred's intelligence and Cengiz's sharpness, they won in Kayseri. In my opinion, Fred is a man of quality beyond the Super League, and his absence in the derby is undoubtedly a significant loss for the yellow-blues. Just as Torreira is for Galatasaray, Fred now represents that for .”

Ömer Üründül (SABAH): “When Playing Against a Resilient Opponent…”

“When facing a somewhat resilient opponent, Tadic's physical inadequacy becomes apparent. Yesterday, one of the lowest-performing players was Szymanski. Although Batshuayi had a flash day despite missing the match, there's a problem. Fenerbahçe needs a striker who knows how to play with his back to the goal. Of course, someone like Dzeko… Unfortunately, Ismail Kartal cannot see that Mert Hakan's aggressive movements are harming the team. Fred's red card was also a significant reason for that.”

Erman Özgür (FANATİK): “Disturbing Performance”

“Fenerbahçe may have some of the best players in their positions, like Ferdi and Fred, but their defense, which easily concedes goals before the derby, gives a rather disturbing image. Fred, by not controlling his temper and getting a red card, disappointed the team before the derby.”

Gurcan Bilgic (SABAH): “Let Him Officiate the Derby”

“The referee Zorbay Küçük gave Kayserispor's penalty with the warning of his inexperienced assistant. In Fenerbahçe's penalty, the senior assistant forgot his tongue, VAR intervened. The foul decision in the last seconds… He continued similar situations in the match, calling a foul for a charge on a player with both feet on the ground. Then, Mert Hakan and Fred, unable to control their tongues, saw red before the derby. Masters in turning something good into something terrible. If Zorbay Küçük is so brave and just, let him officiate the derby.”

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