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According to artificial intelligence, Fenerbahçe is 3% ahead!

Football statistics firm Comparisonator: "When we compare the artificial intelligence index scores of the two teams, we see that Fenerbahçe is only 3% ahead of Galatasaray. In offense, the Yellow-Navy team is ahead of the Yellow-Reds in one-on-one battles."

The eyes in the Turkish Süper Lig are turned to the derby between Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray, which will be played in Kadıköy tomorrow. , the Communication Director of the football statistics firm Comparisonator, analyzed the challenging match: “Looking at the general parameters, we see very little difference between the two teams. In total actions, Galatasaray is slightly ahead with 177 to 164, and in actions in the third zone, it leads with 73 to 65. While Fenerbahçe achieves a ball possession rate of 54.5% per match, this rate is 60.5% for Galatasaray.

Galatasaray is more effective in shots

Fenerbahçe surpassed Galatasaray in the number of goals scored per match and in xG. However, when we look at parameters related to the score, Galatasaray has a  better performance in shot passes (FB: 9.75 – GS: 11.81), shots (FB: 15.44 – GS: 17.69), and shots taken inside the penalty area (FB: 10 – GS: 11). The percentage of Fenerbahçe's shots resulting in goals is 16%, while this figure is 11% for Galatasaray, indicating that Fenerbahçe has scored more goals with fewer shots and fewer attacks.

Fenerbahçe is superior in converting to goals

Ismail Kartal's players are ahead of Galatasaray in ball possession, acceleration, and successful dribbles per match in the penalty area. While Galatasaray can convert 1.69 out of 13.88 total chances per match into goals, Fenerbahçe has realized this figure at 2.19 out of 12.63. This information shows us that the home team is better at converting chances into goals compared to their opponents. According to artificial intelligence index scores, Fenerbahçe is 3% ahead of Galatasaray. In offense, the Yellow-Navy team is superior in one-on-one battle index compared to the Yellow-Reds.”

Galatasaray plays in the third zone

“In terms of passing parameters, we see that the two teams are very close to each other. Galatasaray has a slight superiority with 14% in long passes and 29% in passes made in the third zone. Fenerbahçe, on the other hand, is more successful in backward passes and passes to the opponent's penalty area. While the Yellow-Reds appear to be ahead in making passes in the opponent's half and midfield, Fenerbahçe make more passes in the first zone than their opponents (FB: 87.56 – GS: 84.75). There is very little difference in pass accuracy percentages; they have followed a balanced performance.”


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