Fenerbahçe Executive Ahmet Ketenci: “All decisions made by the TFF benefit Galatasaray!

Ahmet Ketenci, a member of the Fenerbahçe Board of Directors, stated that the referee used all his discretion in favor of the yellow and red team in yesterday's match against Galatasaray, saying, "But they are still manipulating. Penalties will be given, cards will be shown, and that's how they will win the match."

Sports Club Board Member made exclusive statements to Haber Global.

Ahmet Ketenci, stating that the yellow-red team started making statements immediately after the derby match played against last night regarding the Djiku-Icardi position, responded to Galatasaray's statements with the following words:

“Our match against Kayserispor was more exciting.”

“We are following with astonishment the statements made by the Galatasaray Club officials. In their statements, they say, ‘errors affecting the score of the match, errors affecting the championship.' We wonder which match they watched. Did they compete yesterday, for example? They constantly lay on the ground. The ball remained in play for 43 minutes. Did their goalkeeper start a fast attack even once? The match we played against Kayserispor was a more exciting match. At least we competed with an opponent who stood for 90 minutes and wanted to play football.

“They are used to everything being arranged for them before even taking the field!”

“I guess they find some things difficult because they are used to and trained for standards outside of world football. All discretionary powers were used in their favor, but they still manipulate. Penalties will be given, cards will be shown, and that's how they will win the match. When the opposite happens, it becomes an error affecting the championship! They are used to it because everything is arranged for them before even taking the field. The league is postponed, then it continues. All steps taken, all decisions made, all changes benefit them alone. They are used to non-standard practices, and when there are some standards and things that should be, incidents like this arise from a fixed position through images.”

“Did they request a foreign referee?”

While all clubs and the sports public have been uncomfortable with referee performances for weeks, in reality, only Galatasaray is not uncomfortable. We said, ‘Let there be a foreign referee for the Super Cup.' Now they complain about the referees. If that's the case, why didn't they request a foreign referee? What was their attitude on this issue? Did they request a foreign referee? If not, why not? What happened now? They couldn't win the match while lying on the ground and became uncomfortable.

“An effort to mislead public opinion.”

“It's not that much. When it doesn't suit them, they invite to patience, they invite to justice. The photos shared after the match clearly show that they have no connection with the relevant position. While the player is lying on the ground, holding his mouth, the club shares a photo with a purple eye. It is an effort to mislead public opinion when it is seen that the purple eye photo has nothing to do with the mentioned struggle. One thing is very clear: justice and patience do not go hand in hand with you. It remains empty. Don't deceive people; at least we know what you are. Let's leave these matters aside and play the game on equal terms on the field. While Fenerbahçe continues to play the game cleanly and fairly, unfortunately, we have to deal with these kinds of ugly efforts that come our way.”

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