Sebastian Szymanski is on the radar of three English giants

The claim of a transfer has been made for Sebastian Szymanski, the successful player of Fenerbahçe. It was emphasized that Sebastian Szymanski is on the radar of three English giants.

Sebastian , who was transferred from Dinamo Moscow to Fenerbahçe for 9.75 million euros before the new season, quickly gained great admiration with his performance.

, who attracted attention with his effective performance in both the Super League and European matches and his scoring game, has also started to be involved in transfer rumors.

A transfer claim that attracts attention in his home country, Poland, has been put forward about the 24-year-old player.

English and Italian teams are in line

According to Rzeczpospolita's news, , , and are showing special interest in Sebastian Szymanski.

On the other hand, it was emphasized in the news that is also one of the teams keeping Szymanski on their agenda.

It was stated that the future of Piotr , whose contract is in its last year at Napoli, is uncertain, and the Italian team may need a new midfielder.

Contribution this season

Szymanski, who appeared in a total of 29 matches with the Fenerbahçe jersey this season, contributed with a score of 11 goals and 10 assists.

Contract until 2027

Sebastian Szymanski has a contract with Fenerbahçe until 2027.

According to Transfermarkt data, the current market value of the 24-year-old player is 20 million euros.

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