President Ali Koç convinced Çağlar Söyüncü!

According to the news in the Spanish press, Fenerbahçe President Ali Koç has succeeded in convincing Çağlar Söyüncü.

Personally meeting with the player, Fenerbahçe President plans to have Çağlar Söyüncü sign during the mid-season transfer window.

Ali Koç convinced him

The Spanish newspaper AS officially announced Fenerbahçe's new transfer. Yellow and navy club president Ali Koç met with Çağlar Söyüncü, who plays for , and convinced the national football player. In search of a center-back, Fenerbahçe is preparing to sign Çağlar Söyüncü in January.

With Becao sidelined for an extended period due to injury and Djiku set to participate in the Africa Cup of Nations, Fenerbahçe urgently started looking for a center-back. President Ali Koç, with the approval of coach Ismail Kartal, decided to meet with Çağlar Söyüncü.

Promised playing time

It is claimed that Çağlar Söyüncü, who was convinced by Beşiktaş presidential candidate Serdal Adalı and would sign with Beşiktaş if elected, personally met with Fenerbahçe President Ali Koç. According to AS newspaper, Ali Koç, in his meeting with Çağlar, promised playing time and asked him to give a chance to regain form before EURO 2024.

6 months loan

Çağlar Söyüncü, who is said to have been convinced in his meeting with Ali Koç, is reportedly open to signing with Fenerbahçe on loan for at least 6 months. The national football player is struggling to find playing time at Atletico Madrid and has fallen behind in the Turkey center-back rotation ahead of EURO 2024.

Joined Atletico Madrid on free transfer

Having left Leicester City at the beginning of the season and joined Atletico Madrid on a free transfer, Çağlar Söyüncü is having difficulty finding playing time in the Spanish team. Çağlar, who played only 58 minutes in 2 Champions League matches under , could play only 110 minutes in La Liga. He did not play at all in 6 of the last 10 league matches and was on the field for only 65 minutes in the matches he played.

Sent off after 4 minutes

In the last league match against , Çağlar Söyüncü entered the game in the 66th minute but was sent off in the 70th minute after a red card following a duel. After the match, Diego Simeone took responsibility for Çağlar's red card, admitting that he did not give the national player much playing time. While Diego Simeone is expected to give Çağlar Söyüncü more playing time in the second half of the season, it remains to be seen whether the national player, whose current market value is 12 million euros, will come to Fenerbahçe on loan.

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