Scandalous Incident in the Super Cup Match!

Scandalous events unfolded in the Super Cup match as a Fenerbahçe fan claimed to have been denied entry to the stadium due to an 'Atatürk silhouette' on their attire, amidst a banner and t-shirt crisis.

Fenerbahçe Fan Denied Entry to the Stadium Due to ‘Atatürk Silhouette'

The anticipated Super Cup match between and Galatasaray, scheduled to take place at Al-Awwal Park (King Saud University) Stadium in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, at 20:45, did not kick off following a crisis arising from Atatürk banners and Atatürk-themed t-shirts.

Spectators wanting to watch the match in the stadium claimed they were not allowed into the stadium, citing a Fenerbahçe fan in particular who was reportedly denied entry due to wearing a jersey with an Atatürk silhouette.

The fan, expressing a desire to enter the stadium wearing Fenerbahçe's 100th-anniversary jersey, alleged that they were rejected from entering the stadium because of the Atatürk silhouette on the jersey.

Describing the incident, the fan stated, “Just because there's Atatürk on the jersey, they didn't let us in; they sent us back.”

Fans Sang The National Anthem in The Stadium, Music Played

Both team fans who had gone to the stands for the match, after the teams did not take the field, collectively sang our national anthem in the stands. As the anthem progressed, music started playing in the stadium.


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