Fenerbahçe was the team shown the most cards by referees in the first half of the Super Lig!

In the completed first half of the Turkish Super League, Fenerbahçe was the team shown the most cards by referees. The player who received the most red cards in the league was also from Fenerbahçe, İsmail Yüksek.

Among the 20 teams competing in the league, 524 players wore jerseys in the 17-match period. Out of these players, 28 were penalized with a total of 29 red cards. Additionally, 336 players received a total of 721 yellow cards.

Fenerbahçe received the most cards

Among the Super League teams, received the most cards.

In the first half of the league, Fenerbahçe received 4 red cards and 42 yellow cards. With this number, Fenerbahçe stood out as the team with the most shortcomings among the 20 teams.

Following Fenerbahçe, Yukatel Adana Demirspor with 3 red cards and 38 yellow cards, and RAMS Başakşehir with 3 red cards and 35 yellow cards, were in second and third place, respectively.

The fairest team in the league was Mondihome Kayserispor with 25 yellow cards, followed by Galatasaray and Yılport Samsunspor with 36 yellow cards each, and VavaCars Fatih Karagümrük with 48 yellow cards. Players from these four teams did not receive any red cards.

The player shown the most cards was İsmail Yüksek

The player who received the most cards and was expelled from the game in the league was Fenerbahçe's İsmail Yüksek.

The national player completed the first half of the league with 2 red cards and 1 yellow card. Following İsmail Yüksek, Yukatel Adana Demirspor's Kevin Rodrigues with 1 red card and 4 yellow cards, Çaykur Rizespor's Mithat Pala, and Emirhan Topçu, and Gaziantep FK's Furkan Soyalp were the next in line.

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