Osayi Samuel and Djiku will miss at least 6 matches at Fenerbahçe!

The absence of Osayi Samuel and Djiku at Fenerbahçe raises questions about who will take their places in the starting XI.

While the continues, it is expected that coach İsmail Kartal will give more playing time to Mert Müldür and .

At , and Osayi Samuel will be away from the team for a while due to the Africa Cup of Nations.

If Ghana and Nigeria are eliminated in the group stage, both players will miss 6 official matches. If the countries advance from the group stage, this period will be slightly extended.

Mert Müldür at right-back

It is wondered how coach İsmail Kartal will line up the team in the absence of these two players. Mert Müldür is expected to take Osayi's place at right-back.

Serdar Aziz and Samet Akaydin in place of Djiku

In the absence of Djiku, who is at the Africa Cup of Nations, and the injured , the central defense duo will consist of three players. Serdar Aziz, , and will be hoping for a chance in the starting lineup from İsmail Kartal.

İstanbulspor vs. Fenerbahçe match on January 7

Fenerbahçe will resume the league marathon against Istanbulspor on January 7.

In addition to the players going to the Africa Cup of Nations, the yellow-blues will also be without the red-card suspended and for two more matches.

will also be unavailable in the squad due to a yellow card suspension.

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