Fenerbahçe’s Miguel Crespo is on Eintracht Frankfurt’s radar!

It has been reported that Eintracht Frankfurt, one of the prominent teams in the Bundesliga, is interested in Miguel Crespo, the Portuguese midfielder of Fenerbahçe.

In recent times, , the Portuguese midfielder who has experienced a resurgence at Fenerbahçe and has been regularly featured in the starting 11, has attracted the attention of a significant European team.

Eintracht Frankfurt is persistent for Crespo

According to the news on Ajansspor, it has been reported that , a strong representative of the Bundesliga, wants to add Miguel Crespo to their squad.

High expectations from Crespo at Fenerbahçe!

It is known that some Portuguese and Spanish teams are also interested in Crespo. The amount of the offer from the German club is unknown. However, it is stated that Fenerbahçe would consider opening the door for the Portuguese midfielder at around 10 million Euros.

Crespo's performance

Crespo, who has played in 16 matches this season, has a contract with Fenerbahçe until June 2025. The Portuguese player operates as a defensive midfielder and central midfielder.

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