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Fenerbahçe reacts to false news from Abdülkadir Selvi and CNN Turk!

Fenerbahçe club has strongly criticized CNN Turk TV and political journalist Abdülkadir Selvi for disseminating false information in their broadcast.

In the “Akıl Çemberi” program aired on CNN Turk, where lies were spoken directly into people's eyes, provided viewers with false information. He claimed that the decision to play the Turkish match in Saudi Arabia, as determined by the Turkish Football Federation, was actually the idea of president Ali Koç.

Despite the Turkish Football Federation making an official statement days before, and clarifying that the decision to play the Super Cup match in Saudi Arabia was entirely the decision of the Turkish Football Federation, Abdülkadir Selvi continued with his lies, persistently delivering false news to the public.

Fenerbahçe's statement:

“Despite an official statement on the matter and sharing this statement with CNN Turk officials through various correspondences during the program, manipulative statements about our President Ali Y. Koç continue to be made in a broadcast watched by millions, and these false claims persist in the lower banner.”

The statements of the mentioned commentator carry no meaning other than unjust accusations and allegations.

This attitude and approach have seriously disturbed our Club and Fenerbahçe fans who follow the broadcast. Indeed, this discomfort has been reflected on social media platforms.

As one of the media outlets reaching millions with broadcasts in our country, we request CNN Turk, which also brings the unfounded claims of the relevant individual to its screens, to make the necessary correction in line with the sensitivity of our Club.”

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