Fenerbahçe’s Pursuit of Rade Krunic: Negotiation Figures Revealed

In the ongoing quest to strengthen their squad, Fenerbahçe has been actively pursuing Rade Krunic, and the negotiation figures have finally surfaced.

's initial attempt to secure at the start of the season did not materialize. Persistently sought after by Coach İsmail Kartal, Fenerbahçe's management has once again sprung into action to bring Rade Krunic to the team. In the midst of the winter transfer window, Fenerbahçe has initiated negotiations with Milan to finalize the transfer of Rade Krunic.

Amidst challenges securing consistent playing time at Milan, the talented midfielder finds himself in the transfer discussions.

Fenerbahçe's Offer is 3 Million Euros

According to reports from Sabah, Fenerbahçe has tabled an offer of 3 million euros to Milan for Rade Krunic. It is reported that Fenerbahçe is not considering exceeding this figure in the negotiation. Meanwhile, Milan is said to be holding out for a fee of 5 million euros.

The 30-year-old defensive midfielder, ready to join Fenerbahçe, awaits the clubs to reach an agreement. In the current season, the experienced midfielder has played 10 matches in Serie A and 4 in the Champions League, accumulating a total of 896 minutes on the field.

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