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Ali Koc’s Statement Regarding to Super Cup Final

Fenerbahce President Ali Koc Has Released a Statement In Regards to the Super Cup Final which supposed to be played at Saudi Arabia.

“We wrote a letter to our football federation earlier this week. We requested the protocol and also asked for the correspondence until the match day. There is no agreement between us and the federation. We never thought of making such a request. There is a contract between the federation and a company in Saudi Arabia. We haven’t seen this contract. We haven’t seen any contract. Today we received a response. It shows that neither club has any information about the contract.”

“When I talked to the president in the summer, I mentioned the Super Cup. They said they wanted to play it abroad. I suggested Germany, thinking it could be a good place. I didn’t think they would allow it. It turned out that way. The best offer came from Saudi Arabia. If Germany is not suitable for football, we thought Saudi Arabia would be better. When it was said that Germany wouldn’t work, we thought Saudi Arabia would be better. Now we see that this was a mistake. Our federation announced it on October 20. There were huge reactions. Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray were under serious pressure.”

“There is a protocol in the TFF, but we don’t know about it.” “We posted the information provided to our clubs about our fans on our websites. The only thing signed by all three parties is related to logistical issues. There is a protocol in the TFF, but we don’t know about it. They said it’s confidential, come here and take a look. There is something called the last-minute imposition by the clubs. It’s something the federation does to shift responsibility.”

“We were going to play with our classic striped jersey. We didn’t insist on a banner. We wrote a letter about the t-shirt and banner we would warm up in the morning before the match. We didn’t get a quick response. Our jersey and Galatasaray’s jersey were approved. We were going to play with our striped jersey, and Galatasaray with their 100th-anniversary jersey, but we don’t know if it was approved or not.”

“There is no last-minute imposition from us. We understand that everything is proceeding normally. If they had told us once, ‘this, this, the Saudis don’t accept it,’ we would organize accordingly, or we wouldn’t play the match there. We learned about this just hours before the match. When the national anthem was canceled, it was understood as if the national anthem had been canceled. Fenerbahçe will warm up in t-shirts. It was created as if we were changing the jersey at the last minute, deliberately or unintentionally. A federation official says a high-level decision will be made about it. It is not being cut off. The next day, we are still after tickets. We call federation officials. Can we get one more box? I’m giving an interview to A Spor. I say, ‘Let there be peace in the world, let humanity win.'”

“We will play this match.” “We will play this match. Wherever our federation decides, we will play there. They say ‘we will play in January,’ but it’s impossible. They say ‘Samsun or Ankara.’ Wherever they say, we will play there. If they say, ‘let’s play in January,’ we will say no.”

I Am Not Considering Running for Office

“I am not considering running for office. I won’t run, but I also learned never to say ‘never.'”

He should Resign

“I was his biggest supporter, but the president of the federation should resign.”

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