The Disciplinary Committee announced: Fred’s suspension reduced

The decisions of the Disciplinary Committee were disclosed on the Turkish Football Federation's website.

According to the statement, the suspension given to Fred by Fenerbahçe has been reduced from 3 matches to 2, and the 2-match penalty for has been decreased to 1 match.

Unable to play in the Galatasaray derby, Fred will also miss the Istanbulspor match. However, if selected, Mert Hakan Yandaş will be eligible to play in the Istanbulspor match.

Turkish Football Federation's Statement

“The objection of Fenerbahçe Football Inc. regarding the decision of the PFDK dated 23.12.2023 and numbered E.2023-2024/580 – K.2023-2024/741, concerning the players Frederico Rodrigues De Paula Santos and Mert Hakan Yandaş, was examined. As a result of the deliberation:

  • Regarding Fenerbahçe Football Inc.'s player Frederico Rodrigues De Paula Santos, objection to the suspension of 3 official matches and a fine of 39,000.00 TL due to insults to the match referee, the objection was partially accepted. The proven violation is considered an “Unsportsmanlike Conduct” violation under Article 36 of the FDT, so the PFDK decision is corrected and affirmed with a 2-match suspension and a fine of 26,000.00 TL, by majority vote.
  • For Fenerbahçe Football Inc.'s player Mert Hakan Yandaş, objection to the 2-match suspension and a fine of 78,000.00 TL due to unsportsmanlike behavior towards the match referee after receiving a second yellow card, the objection was partially accepted. The result is a reduction of the penalty by half according to Article 13 of the FDT, resulting in a 1-match suspension and a fine of 39,000.00 TL, unanimously decided.”

NTV Spor

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