Ismail Yüksek thanks Fenerbahçe Fans

Fenerbahçe's midfielder Ismail Yüksek thanked the fans after Fenerbahçe's 5-1 victory over Istanbulspor.

said, “This season is passing with plenty of goals. Starting the new year with such a victory is very gratifying. The team's enthusiasm and appetite were very good. Despite playing away, we would like to thank our fans who made us feel at home. We have a match against Konya during the week. We need to think about that match. Our leadership continues. We need to focus on our own path. We are the leaders, and we want to continue leading. We are very ambitious. This season could be different for us. The entire team, the club, the fans, the community… We want this championship this season. We want to go as far as we can. We don't know what lies ahead, may it be for the best. We always call on our fans to support us, as they did in every match. I congratulate the entire team for the effort and enthusiasm they showed today.”

Referring to the support of the fans, Ismail Yüksek said, “Fenerbahçe fans are always like this. Whether it's going well or not, it doesn't matter to them; they always show their support. Sometimes, we cannot achieve the desired results on the field, but they continue to support us. Today, despite being officially an away match and in this cold weather, I thank all our fans who made us feel at home. They did not withhold their support until the last minute. Hopefully, we have made them happy with today's score and effort, sending them home happily.”

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