Istanbulspor 1-5 Fenerbahçe

In the 19th week of the Super Lig, Fenerbahçe defeated Istanbulspor 5-1 away. With this result, Fenerbahçe maintained its leadership in the league. Details coming soon...

In the 19th week match of the Turkish Super League, Fenerbahçe visited Istanbulspor. The match, played in front of 21,023 ticketed spectators at Atatürk Olympic Stadium, ended with Fenerbahçe winning 5-1.

Cengiz Ünder scored 4 goals

Cengiz Ünder scored the goals that brought victory to Fenerbahçe in the 6th, 34th, 44th, and 46th minutes, and Edin Dzeko scored in the 45+1st minute. Dusan Tadic missed a penalty in the 65th minute.

Istanbulspor's only goal came from Muammer Sarıkaya in the 32nd minute.

With this victory, Fenerbahçe increased their points to 47 and maintained their leadership in the Super League. Istanbulspor, on the other hand, is in the last place with 5 points.

Match Highlights

1′ Fenerbahçe started the match.

3′ In Szymanski's shot from just outside Istanbulspor's penalty area, goalkeeper Alp saved the ball.

4′ Edin Dzeko moved towards the ball played behind Istanbulspor's defense and, in a one-on-one position with the goalkeeper, attempted a chip shot from the right side of the penalty area. However, the shot went wide.

6′ Cengiz Ünder struck a powerful shot from outside Istanbulspor's penalty area, approximately 27-28 meters away, and sent the ball into the net. Fenerbahçe took a 1-0 lead.

Istanbulspor vs. Fenerbahçe - Cengiz Ünder

9′ Muammer Sarıkaya, who fouled Ferdi Kadıoğlu in Istanbulspor, received a yellow card. This was Muammer's 4th yellow card of the season, leading to suspension.

19′ Alp intervened and deflected the ball towards the goal in Cengiz Ünder's cross from outside Istanbulspor's penalty area, on the right side.

27′ In an Istanbulspor attack, Jackson Kenio made a long cross from the left wing to the right side of Fenerbahçe's penalty area. Duhaney met the ball after surpassing Ferdi. Duhaney's powerful shot in a one-on-one position with the goalkeeper Livakovic was saved, but the rebound shot went over the crossbar.

28′ Ndao infiltrated behind Fenerbahçe's defense and took a shot after entering the penalty area, but Livakovic saved the ball.

32′ Jackson Kenio intercepted the ball from Cengiz Ünder on the right wing and crossed it into Fenerbahçe's penalty area. Muammer Sarıkaya headed the ball into the net. Istanbulspor equalized: 1-1.

34′ While Istanbulspor players tried to build up an attack from their own half, Cengiz touched Mehmet's ball inside the penalty area, and the ball rolled towards the goal. In a position where the goalkeeper had moved away from the goal during the exchange, the ball found the net. Fenerbahçe led 2-1.

Cengiz Ünder

41′ Szymanski's powerful shot from the left side of Istanbulspor's penalty area went over the crossbar.

44′ Cengiz Ünder completed a hat-trick. Similar to his first goal, Cengiz struck a powerful shot from outside the Istanbulspor penalty area, approximately 27-28 meters away, and this time sent the ball into the net from the ground. Fenerbahçe led 3-1.

Edin Dzeko - Dusan Tadic

45+1 Fenerbahçe extended the score to 4-1 with a goal by Edin Dzeko. Dzeko, meeting the ball with a placed shot from behind the penalty spot after Mert Müldür's ground cross from the right wing into Istanbulspor's penalty area.

The first half ended with Fenerbahçe leading 4-1.

Second Half

46′ Istanbulspor begins the second half…

46′ Again, Cengiz Ünder… Receiving Szymanski's pass on the right side of Istanbulspor's penalty area, Cengiz Ünder sent the ball to the far corner with his left foot, scoring his fourth and the team's fifth goal. Fenerbahçe leads 5-1…

Cengiz Ünder

52′ In Istanbulspor, Racine Coly comes into the game, replacing Ali Yaşar.

58′ In Jackson Kenio's ground shot from outside Fenerbahçe's penalty area, goalkeeper Livakovic stretched and took hold of the ball.

61′ In Istanbulspor, Simon Deli and Emir Kaan Gültekin are entering the game, replacing Mehmet Yeşil and Ndao.

65′ Penalty missed! Szymanski found himself one-on-one with the goalkeeper in Istanbulspor's penalty area. Szymanski, after the goalkeeper Alp's intervention while lying down, remained on the ground, and the referee awarded a penalty. In Tadic's taken penalty, goalkeeper Alp extended to his right to deflect the ball into the corner.

Dusan Tadic

68′ In Fenerbahçe, Michy Bastshuayi came into play, replacing Edin Dzeko, and Emre Mor came in for Cengiz Ünder.

70′ Crespo's powerful shot from outside Istanbulspor's penalty area stayed in the hands of goalkeeper Alp.

74′ Joshua King is in the game, replacing Tadic in Fenerbahçe.

76′ In Istanbulspor, David Sambissa comes in for Jackson Kenio, and Mendy Mamadou replaces Valon Ethemi.

81′ From just behind the Fenerbahçe penalty area's front line, in a slightly left position, Loshaj's free-kick went over the top.

82nd minute: Taking advantage of a defensive loss in Istanbulspor, Batshuayi's one-on-one shot with the goalkeeper hit the post and came back.


87′ In Fenerbahçe, Bartuğ Elmaz comes into play, replacing Crespo.

88′ With a ground pass from King on the left wing, Batshuayi met the ball just outside the Istanbulspor penalty area's front line. The goalkeeper blocked the ball in Batshuayi's placed shot.

90′ Racine Coly, fouling Emre Mor in Istanbulspor, received a yellow card.

The match ended with Fenerbahçe's 5-1 superiority.

Fenerbahçe Ceremony

Starting Lineups

Istanbulspor: Alp, Duhaney, Okan, Mehmet, Ali, Vorobjovas, Loshaj, Muammer, Ndao, Kenio, Ethemi

Fenerbahçe: Livakovic, Mert, Serdar, Oosterwolde, Ferdi, Crespo, İsmail, Szymanski, Cengiz, Tadic, Dzeko

Ismail Kartal made 3 forced changes

Fenerbahçe's head coach Ismail Kartal made three obligatory changes to the lineup compared to the Galatasaray derby in the 19th week of the Trendyol Super League match against Istanbulspor.

The experienced coach, in the game played at Atatürk Olympic Stadium, couldn't include Bright Osayi-Samuel, Alexander Djiku, and İrfan Can Kahveci in the squad, who started in the Galatasaray match.

In place of Bright Osayi-Samuel and Alexander Djiku, who went to the Africa Cup of Nations, and the suspended İrfan Can Kahveci, the 62-year-old coach fielded Mert Müldür, Serdar Aziz, and İsmail Yüksek in the starting eleven.

Mert Müldür

Dominik Livakovic was in goal against Istanbulspor, and the defensive quartet consisted of Mert Müldür, Serdar Aziz, Jayden Oosterwolde, and Ferdi Kadıoğlu. In the midfield duo, Kartal preferred Miguel Crespo and İsmail Yüksek, while in the attack, he assigned Cengiz Ünder, Sebastian Szymanski, and Dusan Tadic. Kartal once again gave the jersey to Edin Dzeko in the forward position.

On the bench for Fenerbahçe were İrfan Can Eğribayat, Furkan Akyüz, Samet Akaydın, Yusuf Akçiçek, Bartuğ Elmaz, Joshua King, Emre Mor, Ryan Kent, Umut Nayir, and Michy Batshuayi.

Cengiz Ünder

Cengiz secured a spot in the starting eleven

Fenerbahçe's national star, Cengiz Ünder, started playing in the starting eleven after his injury.

Coach İsmail Kartal fielded the 26-year-old player, who had played in the starting eleven in the matches against Kayserispor and Galatasaray, in the away match against Istanbulspor.

Cengiz played in three consecutive matches for the first time this season in the yellow and navy jersey.

7 absentees for Fenerbahçe

Fenerbahçe played without seven players in the match against Istanbulspor. Bright Osayi-Samuel and Alexander Djiku were away for the Africa Cup of Nations, Rodrigo Becao and Miha Zajc were absent due to injuries, and İrfan Can Kahveci, Fred, and Mert Hakan Yandaş were suspended.

Mert Müldür

Mert Müldür started in the eleven after 5 matches

Fenerbahçe's national player, Mert Müldür, was assigned to the starting eleven after 5 matches.

The 24-year-old right-back, starting in the absence of Bright Osayi-Samuel in the Istanbulspor match, had last been given a starting role in the match against Fatih Karagümrük.

During this period, Mert had come into play in the last minutes in the matches against Sivasspor and Beşiktaş.

Fenerbahçe Fans at Atatürk Olimpic Stadium

Fans supported the team

Fenerbahçe fans did not leave their team alone in the Istanbulspor away match. They used up all 26,500 allocated tickets before the match and supported their team with chants before the game.

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