Sports Writers’ Comments on Istanbulspor – Fenerbahce match

Sports writers evaluated the match in which Fenerbahçe defeated İstanbulspor 5-1 in the 19th week of the Trendyol Super League.

Engin Kahale (HÜRRİYET/SPOR ARENA): “Presenting ‘Turkish Robben' Again

“Writing about the match means writing about Cengiz. In Marseille, he was given the nickname “Turkish Robben.” Against İstanbulspor, he delivered a performance reminiscent of Robben's prime, scoring three beautiful goals with the inside of his foot and adding another during a pressing situation. He also contributed to 's 5 goals with a pass before the assists. The position he took for the conceded goal turned out to be a talisman. Our eyes shone once again ahead of Euro 2024.

Despite feeling the absence of their defenders, Fred, and Osayi, especially in the first half, Fenerbahçe quickly reacted and turned the match into a show. As for Ferdi, if his new goal is the top clubs in Europe, which I believe it is, let's note that he needs to improve in terms of positioning.”

Halil Ozer (MILLIYET): “He Played the Match Alone!”

“It wouldn't be a lie to say that Cengiz played the match alone against İstanbulspor. The three goals he scored were classic signature goals. I don't pay much attention to the “But the opponent is weak” discussions. Yes, they are weak, but this match was crucial for Cengiz's self-confidence.

Of course, attributing the victory solely to Cengiz would be wrong. Szymanski's intelligence, Mert Müldür's efforts, the lung-bursting runs of Ismail and Crespo, and Dzeko's clever playing style all played a role.

The only criticism for Fenerbahçe would be their defense. Ultimately, despite having an incomplete squad, they played their easiest match in the league and won comfortably.”

Ömer Üründül (SABAH): “Physical Condition for One Half

“Cengiz was the star of the match with 4 beautiful goals. However, one thing that should not be ignored is the physical condition of this great talent, which is only good for one half.

Szymanski also provided an assist for a goal and won a penalty. But his physical condition is still declining. It's worth considering why Szymanski, who was a key player in a crucial Poland-Czech Republic match not long ago, entered the game in the 85th minute.

In my opinion, the biggest issue is Ismail Kartal's strong belief in Tadic. The Serbian player not only lacks the will to run but also to walk. Let's see if Kartal will continue to play his team with missing players.”

Erman Özgür (FANATİK): “Only Cengiz Was Enough

“Cengiz Ünder presented a scene of disciplined and eager play for Fenerbahçe that has never been seen in the first half, possibly the most productive 45 minutes of his career. Even though he made a mistake in İstanbulspor's goal, Cengiz was involved. His unique inward moves and superb shots, resulting in 3 goals, were enough for Fenerbahçe to secure the match, even if his teammates didn't contribute much. In a league where teams sharing the goal burden equally are more fortunate for the championship, Cengiz Ünder's involvement is as valuable as the victory itself for Fenerbahçe. ”

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