Fenerbahçe racing towards a record: Surpassed the season with 103 goals!

Fenerbahçe set a record by scoring 103 goals in the championship-winning 1988-89 season. In the 2023-24 season, the Yellow-Navy team has already left that record far behind as of the 19th week.

Starting the season in the Super Lig with the absolute goal of winning the championship, Fenerbahçe stands out for its scoring identity.

Scoring 12 goals in just the last 2 weeks, the Yellow-Navy team has set its sights on breaking its own record.

After defeating Istanbulspor 5-1 last week, Fenerbahçe scored a remarkable 7 goals against Konyaspor in the match played yesterday.

With the goal tally reaching 56 this season, Fenerbahçe now aims to surpass its previous record of 103 goals.

Moreover, as of the 19th week, Fenerbahçe has already surpassed the 103-goal season of 1988-89.

56 goals in 19 weeks

In the first 19 weeks of the 1988-89 season, Fenerbahçe had managed to score 49 goals. The record-breaking season with 103 goals had seen 36 matches played.

This season, Fenerbahçe has scored 56 goals in the first 19 weeks. There will be a total of 38 matches played in the Super Lig this season.

40+ Goal difference

Additionally, Fenerbahçe has not only excelled in goals but also in goal difference, surpassing its rivals.

With a +40 goal difference, the Yellow-Navy team’s margin is even greater than the total goals scored by all teams in the league.

In this regard, Fenerbahçe’s closest pursuer is Galatasaray, which has scored 35 goals.

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