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Rıdvan Dilmen: “You can’t score this many goals even against an amateur team”

Commentator Rıdvan Dilmen commented on the match where Fenerbahçe defeated Konyaspor 7-1 in the Turkish Super League.

In the 16th week of the Trendyol Super League, Fenerbahçe managed to defeat Tümosan Konyaspor 7-1 at home. After the match, commentator made important evaluations on the program “Yüzde Yüz Futbol” broadcasted on TV 8.5.

“Ismail Kartal is displaying tremendous coaching skills”

Dilmen, evaluating Ismail Kartal's performance at Fenerbahçe, said, “Ismail Kartal is displaying tremendous coaching skills. The team is breaking historical records. I had said that they need to direct the team in a positive direction after Cengiz Ünder arrived. İrfan Can, who was in great form but suspended, scored 4 goals as soon as he wore the jersey after Cengiz Ünder came. Communication is very important, he probably consulted with Tadic, İrfan Can, and Cengiz.” he said.

“Victories don't come only with talent”

Former football player Dilmen, who said that the secret behind Fenerbahçe's success is not only talent but also hard work, said, “Fenerbahçe is a very talented team, but these series of victories come not only with talent but also with hard work, we see that.”

“You can't score this many goals against an amateur team”

Rıdvan Dilmen emphasized that Fenerbahçe displayed a performance far above the norm, saying, “Fenerbahçe is doing excellent things. Even if you play against an amateur team, you can't create this many opportunities and score this many goals.”

“Fenerbahçe found a great sporting director for itself”

Dilmen, highlighting that Fenerbahçe's 37-year-old Bosnian striker Edin Dzeko could be a good executive for the team in the future with his connections, said, “For the future, Fenerbahçe has found a fantastic Sporting Director for itself. That name is Edin Dzeko.”

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