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Fenerbahçe Club extends open invitation to Galatasaray for the fourth time!

Fenerbahçe Club today extended an open invitation for the 4th time to Galatasaray Club, which held a press conference regarding referee errors.

The statement from Club reads:

“While everything was going well for them, our opponent, who, upon the first point loss, announced that the ‘Vice President of Sporting Affairs would hold a press conference,' surprised everyone today by organizing a press conference with the President and Second President present – a three-person, widely attended event.

The sole focus of the relevant meeting, the singular target of perceptions, and the common denominator of press members who ask scripted questions and are directed, is our Club. This is an indicator of the greatness of our Fenerbahçe!

Throughout the meeting, we witnessed distortions of the truth, deviations from the topics, and an approach that considers themselves intelligent and the entire public ignorant, from the first sentence to the last.

In this regard, to see their sincerity and to give them an opportunity to demonstrate it to the entire public, we reiterate our invitation, which we have made many times over a long period:

As Fenerbahçe Sports Club, we invite them for the fourth time to discuss all decisions, not limited to this season but also covering previous periods, on any channel they prefer, with any journalists and questions they desire, in front of the eyes of our entire nation. We invite them to put themselves on the scale.

We believe that those who constantly accuse our Club with empty words should consider this invitation as a historic opportunity.

We leave Fenerbahçe's stance on this matter and our opponent's attitude to the appreciation of the public.

Respectfully yours.”

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