France’s giant club is interested in transferring Fenerbahçe’s İsmail Yüksek

It has been learned that the European giant is interested in the national footballer İsmail Yüksek, who plays for Fenerbahçe. It was reported that discussions have begun regarding the transfer of the star player.

A striking claim has been made about İsmail Yüksek, the 24-year-old star of under the management of İsmail Kartal. It is indicated that a prominent European club has set its sights on the national footballer.

French club Lyon wants İsmail Yüksek

According to the news from the French media L'Equipe; Ligue 1 team is pursuing İsmail Yüksek. After wanting to transfer Nemanja Matic from Rennes but facing a negative response, Olympique Lyon was reported to have knocked on Fenerbahçe's door, seeking alternative options.

It was noted that Olympique Lyon has made a transfer offer to Fenerbahçe for the 24-year-old player. However, the details of the offer for the national player were not mentioned in the news.

İsmail Yüksek's performance this season

İsmail Yüksek had the opportunity to play in 28 matches for Fenerbahçe this season. The 24-year-old midfielder experienced the joy of scoring one goal during this period. İsmail Yüksek also provided 4 assists.

İsmail Yüksek's contract with Fenerbahçe will expire on June 30, 2027. The current market value of the 24-year-old midfielder is 7.5 million euros.

İsmail Yüksek played in 12 matches for the Turkish National Football Team. The 24-year-old player found the net once during this period.

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